How do I create an auction?

  1. To Create An Auction click on the "Create" button above and then click on "New Auction". Consider the following while filling out the New Auction creation form:
    • Auctions can last from 1 to 14 days. The auction will not be visible until the start time selected. If the auction receives no bids you can list it as an Open Sale until 90 days have past from the initial auction start time.
    • ONLY heavy construction equipment is allowed.
    • No reserves allowed, all auctions are absolute.
    • The Opening Bid must be $500 or greater.
    • "List as a Sale if auction receives no bids" is turned on by default. You can uncheck this at the bottom right if you wish.
    • Click on "More Equipment Settings" if you want to add additional information such as a Serial Number.
    • Click on "More Auction Settings" if you want to enter additoinal information such as Preferred Payment Method(s).
    • Consider changing the default Bid Increment (in "More Auction Settings") for high value items.
  2. After filling out "New Auction" form click "Save & Preview Auction".
  3. Add images to your Auction by clicking on the "Add Image" boxes. (Optional but highly recommended)
  4. Double check all auction details. Auctions cannot be modified after being activated, except for additional images, web links, and notes. To activate your auction click on the "Activate Auction" button.

How does the auction bidding process work?

What happens when an auction ends?

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