How do I create an auction?

How does the auction bidding process work?

  • If you bid on an auction you are agreeing to pay for it if you win. You can notcancel a bid after it has been completed.
  • If a bid occurs during the last ten minutes of an auction, the auction will beextended another ten minutes in order to give everyone a chance to considerfurther bidding.
  • After a bidder has become the high bidder they can raise their maximum bid byviewing the auction and clicking on "Raise Max Bid". An email notification willbe sent to this bidder anytime another bidder causes an automatic bid. Automaticbids will always bid the lowest amount necessary to regain the lead.
  • When a bidder is outbid they will receive an email notification that they are nolonger the high bidder.
  • You must register and verify your email address before you can bid on an auction.

What happens when an auction ends?

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